Sovereign Master welcomes you to the Florence, TX based Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees.

AMD Orders

Within the Allied Council twelve active Grades or rituals exist. The Allied Masonic Degrees are an invitational organization and requires membership in the Royal Arch.

Saint Lawrence the Martyr

"The actual date when this ritual was introduced is not known, but is believed to have been worked in England over two centuries ago. It has been generally accepted that the degree is remnants of an old operative ceremony originating from Lancashire and designed to distinguish true craftsmen from speculative masons." (Source:

Knight of Constantinople

"This Degree is an authentic ‘side degree’, where it was customary for one brother to confer it on another and while it is known to have been working in the United States in 1831, its actual origin is unknown." (Source:

Grand Tilers of Solomon

"This interesting Grade was formerly known under the titles of "Mason Elect of the Twenty-Seven" or "Select Mason of the 27," and is found in many different countries, although records are by no means abundant." (Source:

Excellent Master

"The Grade of Excellent Master, or Excellent Mason as it was known in its earlier working, is of such age as to confuse us in estimating just how old it is. It is almost safe to state that it is as old as is Royal Arch Masonry, because it has always formed a part thereof." (Source:

Masters of Tyre

"The Grade of Master of Tyre is a modern one, originating in North Carolina, USA, and is no doubt the product of the fertile minds of the Masonic brethren in the western area of that state; they being the originators of the Allied Masonic Degrees themselves." (Source:


"The Grade of Architect is the first of a trilogy of Grades expanding upon the Solomonic lessons of architecture." (Source:

Grand Architect

"The Grade of Grand Architect is a continuation sequence of the Architect Grade." (Source:


"It is clearly related to the Grades of Architect and Grand Architect, indeed, it is the climax of the latter, but was not one of the Grades of the Early Grand Rite of Scotland." (Source:

The Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scralet Cord


Royal Ark Mariner - Subordinate Lodge

"In his Constitutions of 1733, Dr. James Anderson mentioned that we should all conduct ourselves as sons of Noah (or Noachidæ)." (Source:

Order of the Secret Monitor - Subordinate Conclave

"As early as 1778 there was a society in Holland known as the Order of Jonathan and David, which probably furnished the germ for the origin of the American Grade now known as the Secret Monitor." (Source:

Ye Antient Order of the Corks

"Ye Antient Order of Noble Corks also known as The Cork, is an informal degree allied to Freemasonry. It is described as "fun"." (Source:

Red Branch of Eri - Honorary

"The Red Branch of Eri may be conferred upon any member of the Allied Masonic Degrees, by the unanimous decision of the member’s Council, for outstanding and meritorious service to the Allied Masonic Degrees." (Source: