Most Excellent High Priest Raul J. Scully, PHP welcomes you to the Austin based Chapter of the York Rite. Lone Star Chapter No. 3 was originally granted a charter in 1842. Lone Star Chapter No. 6 was rechartered on June 25, 1851 by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas.

The Chapter meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each alternating month at 7:30pm for the Stated Meeting. Please check the York Rite Temple calendar for up to date meetings.

Chapter Degrees or Capitular Degrees

Chapters of Royal Arch Masons confer four degrees: namely Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Royal Arch Mason. They are a continuation of the initial three degrees in Masonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.

Mark Master

"A Degree that emphasizes the lessons of regularity, discipline, and integrity. It is a most impressive Degree centered on the story of the Fellowcraft of the quarry and their role in the building of the Temple." Here one is taught the lessons of having good, true, and square work along with that of the earned wages of a Fellowcraft Mason. (Source: with edits)

Past Master (Virtual)

"A Degree that emphasizes the lesson of harmony." This Degree is conferred because ancient custom required that a Mason must be a Past Master in order to be exalted to the Royal Arch. In the Grand Chapter of Texas, this Degree is available to be conferred upon all Mark Masters and sitting Masters of the Blue Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Texas. "The Degree confers no actual rank upon the recipient, but is exemplified to maintain the ancient custom." (Source: with edits)

Most Excellent Master

"A Degree that emphasizes the lesson of reverence. This Degree is centered on the dedication of the Temple after its completion, particularly the consecration of the Sanctum Sanctorum and the descent of the Host into the Temple. It is complimentary to the Mark Master Degree and completes the symbolic lessons introduced in that Degree." (Source:

Royal Arch Master

"The completion of the Master Mason Degree and the summit of the original Degrees of the Blue Lodge as practiced in the Ancient Lodges of England before 1820." "The presiding body is a Chapter, and the presiding officer is a High Priest (titled Excellent)." (Source:

Roll of Past Grand High Priests

from Lone Star Chapter No. 6

(formerly known as Lone Star Chapter No. 3)

1842Barry Gillespie (First Grand High Priest of Texas)
1843Barry Gillespie (First Grand High Priest of Texas)
1844Anthony Butler
1845Edward Burleson
1848Moses Johnson
1862Edward Clark
1892John McDonald
1993Edward Burner Anderson