York Rite Temple

The York Rite Temple hosts commercial, non-profit, and Masonic tenants. The calendar below helps with planning the multi-use rooms.

Scheduling Rooms

Main Lodge Room
A 2nd floor Main Lodge Room confirmed reservation comes with the use of the 3rd floor kitchen and dining room.
Small Lodge Room
The 2nd floor Small Lodge Room is available for separate usage from the Main Lodge Room. Use of the Small Lodge Room
should not interfere with the any reservations with the Main Lodge Room.
3rd Floor Kitchen and Dining Room
The 3rd Floor Kitchen and Dining Room are available for use. All food items and trash must be removed immediately following
the function. Additionally the Kitchen and Dining Rooms must be left clean with all cooking and serving items cleaned
and returned to their place.
York Rite Temple Office and York Rite workspace
The 2nd floor also houses the York Rite Temple Offices and York Rite workspace. Security of this space is limited
to the York Rite Temple Manager, maintenance staff, Secretary of Chapter, and Recorders of the Council and Commandery.
All other access will be approved by the Lone Star Chapter Board.
2nd Floor Library
The 2nd Floor Library is the home of University Masonic Lodge No. 1190 any use of this space must be pre-approved
through University Masonic Lodge No. 1190, no exceptions.

Temple Usage
The building is a Masonic Temple and usage will need to be in line with the tenants of Freemasonry. Please report
all issues to the Temple Manager immediately depending on the severity. Before locking the front door, ensure the 2nd
and 3rd floors are unoccupied. Ensure that all lights are off, HVAC systems are off, and most of all rooms are secure.
Please contact the Temple Manager for any issues or questions.
Temple Keys
The Temple utilizes keys that are assigned to individuals. Broken keys maybe turned into the Temple Manager for replacement
Lost keys must be reported immediately. Individuals and entities with building keys will be charged a key replacement
fee and with lost keys, the entire building may be required to be re-keyed which can cost $3,000 to replace everyone's keys.